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      Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/72 Classic Airframes Supermarine Walrus by Barney Dunlevy

1/48 Smer Supermarine Walrus by Jeremy Neo of Hobby Icon in Singapore

1/48 Smer Supermarine Seagull V - Walrus Mk II by Scott Brown


1/72 Revell Supermarine Walrus Mk1  by Colin Roberts

1/72 Sea Gladiators and Wlarus  by Carmel John Attard

1/72 Revell/Matchbox Walrus MK.I  by Andrea Cittadini

1/72 Valom Supermarine Walrus Mk1  by Carmel J Attard

1/48 SMER Supermarine Walrus Mk.I by KNES Armin

1/72 Revell Supermarine Walrus MkI by Mario Gložinić

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