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Markings on Model

Photo of Model

      Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

Hasegawa F-16 Artic Eggressor Eggplane by Christopher Yee  

Hasegawa Blue Angels Eggplane by Brandon Gerdes

Golden Hawk Egg Plane by Elmo and phantom

F-16 egg planes by Frank Daniels

1/32 Pysanky Racing Team by Alvis 3.1

C-2E Egghound by George (Chorse6)

Egg Aardvark by Matt Sherwood

RCMP Pursuit and Intercept F-18 Eggplane by Carl Reinisch

My Hasegawa Big Mac Space Shuttle by Keith Chambers

Hasegawa Eggplane F/A-18 Hornet by Malte "Razor" D

VF-1A Egg Plane by Hal Elsberry

F-22 Egg Plane by Hal Elsberry

The Hunter Egg Hatched by George (Chorse6)

Like Father Hunter, Like Son by George (Chorse6)

Phil the Phabulous Phantom Phlyer by Hal Elsberry

Greek F-4 Egg Plane by Hal Elsberry

SAAF Egg Planes by Neil Commerford

Blue Angel Egg Plane by Warren A.

Colonial Viper Egg by Hal "Els" Elsberry

Hasegawa P-40 Egg-plane by George Oh

Revell 1/Something Spitsfire Mk II by Jaime Carreon

Hasegawa F-16 Egg Planes by Frank Daniels

F-15 Egg Plane by Hal Elsberry

Blue Impulse T-4 Egg Plane by Hal Elsberry

F-86 Blue Impulse Egg Plane by Hal Elsberry

Hasegawa Zero by Dave Bailey, aka The Rat

Sukhoi Su-27SKM... egg version 1.0 by Alex Sidharta

Grade A Scale Hasegawa F-4J Phantom II VX-4 Vandy 1 Black Bunny by Keith Chambers

Grade A Large Hasegawa F/A-18 Hornet Egg Plane by Keith Chambers

Finnerschnitzel 109G by Brian Duddy

Tiger Models Bf109 by Bill Arnold

Tiger Models Lagg-7 by Bill Arnold

Hasegawa Egg P-38 by Bill Arnold

Meng Models B-17G by Bill Arnold

Tiger Models Ki-84 (Frank) by Bill Arnold

Tiger Models Spitfire by Bill Arnold

Meng Models He-177 by Bill Arnold

Hasegawa Egg Avenger by Bill Arnold

Meng Models Lancaster Bomber by Bill Arnold

Egg-Plane Hasegawa F4U-1A Corsair by Onami

F-16 Viper by Oxiel Carrizo

The Eggstraterrestrials by George Oh

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