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Markings on Model

Photo of Model

      Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

Martin the Moterhead Clown by Fernando Torre

N1 Sea Abrams by Frank Crenshaw

Mercedes Benz/Krauss-Maffei Wegmann Leopard 2A5VSP by Tom Choy 

1/200 Hasegawa FedEx B-52G by David Horn

1/72 Jet Comet by Diablo & Son

Alberta Bomber by Uncle Rick Chin of Uncle Bill's Hobby

C.A.F. Freddy Flameout by Ryan Cameron

1/48 Tamiyogram F-14  "Cheshire Cats"  No-viz paint scheme  by Ralf Pätzold

Northrop-Grumman EA-6F "Fowler" by Anne Onimits

Santa's Aircraft: 1900-2000  by Alvis 3.1

Blackburn Billingsgate FAA Night Dive Bomber RNAS Dynglebury, Fall 1943 1/72 Conversion  by Joe Norris

The Black Dragon  by Iwan Winarta

Operation Kute Kitty: Progress Report by Alvis 3.1

1/72 Airfix Northrop Tiger II by John Green

Chevy truck diorama by Andy Gudbergsson

1/48 Monogram F-14D and F-18  by Todd Pomerleau

1/72 Revell King Tiger  by John Green

Nice Pair of 38's by Mark Jahsan

ATARI: Saving Earth One Asteroid at a Time  by Alvis 3.1

Elbonian Airforce Westland Wensleydale in 1/72 ESIW, Ltd Kit #720007, done OOB for review purposes by Joe Norris

1/43 K&R Replicas Escort RS2000 by John Green

Gulf War III - Saddam's Return The Director's Cut  by Mark Charlton

Germans on the move diorama by Andy Gudbergsson

German soldiers at the Russian front by Andy Gudbergsson

1/35 Still Art by Zdenko

1/72 Hasegawa Wirbelwind by John Green

Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate In French Service by Alvis 3.1

Bluebird and the Pink lady 1/72 Monogram SR-71s by Todd 'Toad' Pomerleau

1/72 Israeli S-92 by Phil Peterson

US Marine X-mas theme vehicle  by Jon Baniak

1/72 Matchbox Starfighter F1 by John Green

1/350 Trumpeter Wildcat by Wild Bill

Saulino Frapit Earwig  by Alvis 3.1

LEGO® Block Walk Around

These photos were taken  by Sean Bratton


  Various LEGO® Aircraft by Ken Middleton and Michael Middleton

LEGO® SAS Airliner by Ken Middleton

LEGO® pilot figure review  by Sean Bratton on Apr 1 2005

LEGO® Sopwith Camel by Steve & Amanda Bamford

  Brick Blox Accessories Review by Ken Middleton and Michael Middleton

  It ain’t easy bein’ green Lower Utopian Green Speculation, Part Deux, Mark 3, Mod 9c by Sean Bratton

1/72 Testors B-2 by Jirka Vrabec

A real Flying Tiger from Historex! by Jean Barbaud

1/48 Canadian Armed Forces Rafale B by Jason Liang

1/25 "POSSUM VAN" from The Red Green Show  by Andrew Desautels

Marx Toys Fred Flintstone-mobile  by Bill Arnold

Screamin' Freddy Krueger  by William G

1:1 Scale Pumpkin  by Jon H. Ruehle

Elf 1/72 DFW T.28 Floh (flea) -The Halloween Plane-  by Gabriel Stern

Santa's Plane Christmas 2005 B-52H  by Alvis 3.1

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