Hasegawa Egg Plane Hughes 500 Chopper

Gallery Article by Keith Chambers on Dec 14 2010


This Hasegawa Egg Plane of the Hughes 500 Helicopter lacked the detail I wanted to build it.  I have to admit I wanted a US Army version in my collection.  I began collecting 1/72 and 1/48 scale kits to see what I could use.  The decals came from a 1/72 scale kit.  Everything else was too small to use from this kit.

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So, I turned to the 1/48 scale kit for more details to add to my Egg Plane chopper. Using the main rotor, which I had to cut down also meant I could use the radar on top and a few of the extra parts that would go on the fuselage. I used everything that would add detail and give it a more serious look, especially on the nose as you can see. 

After assembling PE seatbelts to add to the interior, painting the cockpit interior, I masked off the canopy and inserted the interior. I masked the back of the cockpit to avoid spraying the interior and cockpit and painted it. I added a rear seat to the rear of the fuselage and also taped it off to avoid painting the interior. After all was dry, I put the two halves together and clear coated with Future Floor Polish and added the decals. A dull coat on the model finished it off. The Egg Planes are a fun build and if you think outside the box, you can build your own one of a kind caricature Egg Plane!

Keith Chambers

Photos and text by Keith Chambers