1/72 Revell Bearcat Reno Racers

Gallery Article by Kees Kuyper on June 8 2011


Herewith two Reno racing Bearcats.  The number of companies, etc that I could use as sponsors on my Reno racers is limitless.  You can even name your mother as sponsor.
The problem may be the letters.  I was so lucky to receive a lot of rub off letters from
an retired filmmaker.  Lettering seems also to be possible using the computer, but I'm not a computer hero.

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The planes are Revell Bearcats !:72 made this year.  The Revells big spinner is an adapted one from a 1:48 Texan, but I've also made a spinner from the front of
an external tank.  May be a bomb is also usable (be careful with cutting off
the detonator ...)

Enjoy the photos.

Kees Kuyper

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Photos and text by Kees Kuyper