NESA Space Station

Gallery Article by Kees Kuyper on May 16 2012



The year is 2020, NESA the Netherlands Space Agency just got its first spacestation in orbit when it was phoned by NASA and ESA if they could couple some left over capsules from the International Spacestation to the NESA spacestation.


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Well, NESA is not too proud to refuse this and the photo's show the results The NESA capsules are easily recognisable by their Humbrol Space-Yellow coating The oddly shaped capsule is a large deaccelerator where anti-matter rocket fuel is made with the help of Higgs particles (or anti-Higgs particles?)

The spacestation is powered by solar cells and a Philips Solar Stirling Engine. 

The model was made with parts of the Revell International Spacestation 1/144 in 2011. 
Greetings from NESA.

Kees Kuyper


Photos and text by Kees Kuyper