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NESA Snail Marsrover

Gallery Article by Kees Kuyper on Oct 1 2012

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A day after the Marsrover Curiosity landed on Mars (a fantastic archeivement) the NESA Snail Marsrover was finished and landed on Mars.

It is called Snail because all Marsrovers move very slowly.  Because each Marsrover is much bigger than before, the Snail is as big as a tank which can be seen in one of the pictures in which a computer simulated astronaut stands on top of the rover.


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The parachute must have been as big as the largest architectural dome on earth (which is?)
The Snail is powered by two nuclear energy generators at the back. 

Recognisable parts are tracks from a Space Shuttle launch platform and an antenna from 
a Revell Apollo service module.

Greetings from NESA

Kees Kuyper

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Photos and text by Kees Kuyper

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