1/48 Monogram AH-64 Apache

Gallery Article by Charlies Rodriguez on July 27 2018



This is my 1/48th scale Old monogram AH-64 APACHE I restored since it was a gift from a friend, since it was all glued but not paint The model was built OBB but scratch is all the RMB tags and covers and wind sensors.

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I wanted to represent just the way they are during the support mission in Afghanistan War around 2005 -2006.

The model was painted with Model Master acrylic Paints. The main exterior color is U.S. Army Helo Drab.  And the cockpit with humbrol amazing flat black.  Weathering was done using pastel chalks and swabs.

Always wanted to do an apache but never knew it was going to be a British Army one.  It is not perfect, but I really love this model.

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Charlies Rodriguez

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Photos and text by Charlies Rodriguez