1/32 Revell CF-104 Starfighter

Gallery Article by Shawn “phantom” Weiler on Sept 14 2018



Built several 1/32 Starfighters now. Mostly Hasegawa. This however is a Revell I picked up real cheap at a show. Sure, the Hasegawa and Itelari are much better detailed but this kit is not bad. The cockpit is quite nice as long as you leave the canopy down. The seats need replacing but most big scale models do. Lucky for me I had an old seat left over from a past trashed kit. You need to sand the seat down at the bottom significantly to get it to fit in the shallow Revel cockpit.

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Most of the kit is quite comparable to the Hasegawa kit. Really the only thing I noticed that was lacking noticeably is the front wheel. Its toy like. The main gear is however good. The marking chosen add to the lack of detail. Nice bright red and white decals from Canuck decals. The plane represents the first 421 squadron special from 1981. The “ coke-bottle”. The real 104868 was re-painted and then lost in a hanger fire around 1984.

Other add ons are a resin front radar receiver that was in my spare bin. Possibly from Leading Edge. The rear RWR are sprue sanded to shape and painted. Next Starfighter should be another squadron special, the 441 checker-bird.


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