1/72 RCN Corvette K225 HMCS Kitchener

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Mar 7 2019



This kit took me a couple months. Anyone who knows me understands for me that is a long time. SO many parts. Then I added some of my own.

Such as 12 LED lights. Which run off a simple 9vt battery set up.

Opened some windows and repositioning a bunch of stuff to make the Kitchener look right. This is the second Corvette shown on ARC, and easily the second best. However I like the way it turned out. Could have gone with hundreds in after market, I just do not see the need for that as good as some of the after market stuff is. Boss is just going to toss this sucker when I am dead or she puts me in the home anyway.

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The 1/72 Revell Corvette makes a very nice British style Corvette out of the box. The later issue Canadian ships had several improvements.

Mostly by repositioning guns and other gear. The references I used are internet photos, and a pirated DVD of K225 staring Randolph Scott.

The movie bought at a hobby store was clearly recorded off someone TV.

Crap even the public tv logo (TVO) was in the lower right corner the entire time. The movie is your typical WW2 rah rah deal. But not horrible. In the movie K225 was named Donnacona or something like that. One big issue I had trying to make the ship right is the multiple paint schemes. In one scene the ship is painted as I did it, the next totally different camouflage and white hull numbers. Guess they where not big on editing back during the war.

Kitchener was a revised 1940-41 Flower class corvette. Had a bigger fo's'sil, bigger crew, better guns and the guns where positioned further aft at the stern then the British style ships. She was originally named Vancouver.. Spent most of her early life off Nova Scotia, then the Western Local Escort Force. Participated in Operation Torch off North Africa. Most of 1943 escorting between England and the Med. Later 1943 going back and forth between Canada and England. Had a huge refit in 1944, then off to Bermuda and later operation Neptune.

Was the only Canadian Corvette in D-day. As a picket ship for USS Augusta, which was the command ship overseeing Omaha Beach.

Then until the end of the was was part of Escort group 41. Later as with most of the Canadian Navy she was paid off. In Kitcheners case she was later scrapped in Hamilton Ontario in 1949.


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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler