1/72 North American/Rockwell Hyper Sabre

Gallery Article by Alvis 3.1 on Mar 1 2019



Designed in the mid 1970s as a replacement for the X-20 Dyna Soar, the Hyper Sabre was a combat spacecraft from the outset. 2 20mm cannons and an internal dorsal weapons bay capable of carrying 2 Space Sparrow Orbital to Orbital Intercept missiles made it a formidable weapon, and a recon pack could be rapidly swapped in to give it a highly flexible recon capability. Actual numbers built are unknown, as it was deployed exclusively by NSASA (National Security Agency Space Agency), a highly secretive organization.

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This highly fictional (or is it?) model was kitbashed using a 1/72 scale ESCI F-100 and a Monogram 1/200 scale Shuttle. Decals are from my inkjet printer and Testors decal paper.

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Alvis 3.1

Photos and text by Alvis 3.1