1/72 Zvezda/Revell Mi24 Hind

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Mar 13 2019



Most impressive 1/72 aircraft kit ever? Well, one of the most, certainly - with all that engine and cockpit detail. I made my Zvezda Hind a few years ago and the final result was, er, not as good as it should have been. It was as if the kit was better than me.

But it was such a beautifully detailed product that I didn't want to just junk it - so, how to re-use it?

Seeing some photos of wrecked helos in middle-east conflicts gave me the idea. All my Hind needed was a lot more weathering and distressing (as antique furniture people say).

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And that was it really. The original Russian national insignia was rubbed down leaving the plane anonymous. The figures are from Caesar Miniature's Modern French set so could be part of any coalition force of the last twenty years or so.

Paints were Tamiya acrylics, washes and drybrushing used tubed acrylics. The base is obviously no more than expanded polystyrene - covered in PVA'd tissue and sprinkles of tea.

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry