1/32 Italeri TF-104G

Gallery Article by Klaasjan Schuuring on Mar 7 2019



I had built the Revell 1:32 scale F-104 a couple of times and I think it's a great kit for that price. Once Italeri presented their TF-104 I was really happy to see a new tool kit of this version of the famous starfighter. Unfortunately some of the moulds that stem from the single seat version tended to show flash and other irregularities which made me have to "dig out" some of the parts. Besides that the kit is very well detailed and with a brand new Eduard aftermarket set it turned out pretty well.

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The Eduard set did not yet exist when I bought this kit so I had to wait for it. I choose the fabric belts which turned out extremely well as you can see in the pictures I included of the seats and cockpit.

The kit also includes a complete J-76 engine with very nice interior detail.

Unfortunately it's hard to show that properly but it looks very realistic.

Painting was straightforward although the information supplied isn't accurate. On top of that the green turned out, well, a bit too green which only became apparent after untaping... I choose to leave it like that however. Decals went on a treat which is to be expected of Cartograph decals. Instructions on the placement weren't that accurate unfortunately.

So if Italeri is reading along, please look after these details. I really love lots of your kits but these mistakes distract from an otherwise cool build. (constructive criticism, as we tend to construct things :)

Klaasjan Schuuring

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Photos and text by Klaasjan Schuuring