1/32 Tamiya P-51D

Gallery Article by Klaasjan Schuuring on June 17 2019



It's been a while since I built a P-51 and Tamiya's version in 1:32 scale was the right choice. It features great engineering and a clever option that makes it possible to build both a flying as well as a landed version at once, using nuts, bolts, magnets and steel parts. I however didn't use this option to its fullest but it's worth mentioning. I added some Eduard parts where necessary.

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The build was a treat. The fit is all but perfect and the detail is overwhelming straight out of the box. The engine is moulded very well and is a small kit all in itself. For the cockpit, for once, I only used the parts provided by Tamiya, which was all it needed really. I'm very pleased with it. The biggest addition was the upgrade of the machine gun bays with PE ammo belts and all metal covers. I think they look really well. 

Painting was quite challenging, especially around the engine. Tape was needed to unpainted from the painted support structure but that turned out very well. I choose the all metal finish of the early D. The choice was slightly limited since the EU apparently doesn't allow swastikas to be sold anywhere, which meant that part of the decal sheet (which featured tiny swastikas as victory marks) had simply been cut out. Personally I think this is well meant policy taken too far but that opinion didn't change a thing. Luckily the version I actually wanted to build had no such problem anyway. 

I dirtied up the mustang quite a bit with a wash and streaks. Chipping was all but limited to the nose and propeller with which I always have a good time. 

Klaasjan Schuuring

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Photos and text by Klaasjan Schuuring