1/144 Revell Airbus 320 Indonesian AirAsia Flight 8501

Gallery Article by Luqmanul Hakim A.K.A Mee Wan on June 28 2019



This is the 1/144 scale Airbus commercial airliner from Revell. A brief history of the model, this model depicts the Indonesian AirAsia flight 8501 that crashed in December of 2014 with the loss of 162 lives onboard. This model is built as a tribute to them. 

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The model kit was an easy assemble from start to finish given the scale and the kit there wasn't many issues. The decals are aftermarket from Kiwi Models which depict the Flight 8501 during 2011 3 years before the aircraft was lost in mid flight. The aircraft registration was PK-AXC which was applied as well to the model. Mr.Color Gloss White and Gloss Red was used as the painting option with semi gloss layer as the final finish. 

This was my first airliner project in a long while hope to build the next to ill fated airliner in the future MH-370 and MH-14 in 1/144 scale which was loss in 2014 as well. Cheers thanks for the read ! 

Thanks to admin and viewers do enjoy the pictures.

Luqmanul Hakim

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Photos and text by Luqmanul Hakim