1/35 Tamiya British Paratroopers

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Jan 4 2021

Silly Week 2021



These were somewhat disappointing for a Tamiya product.

First, the box illustration shows four figures. But inside, what you get is two identical sprues each with one bike, and one seated and one standing figure albeit there are alternative arms for these. Heads and hands seem woefully underscale to me so I replaced these with spares. Also, Tamiya only supply helmets minus the characteristic netting - again, replaced here on three figures with old Dragon items.

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There's more unfortunately . . . the photo-etch spokes for the bikes' wheels are the correct dimensions before they are folded slightly concave after which they become smaller across leaving tiny gaps with the wheel rims. I left these uncorrected as they are admittedly hard to see - still . . .

Pig and dog are also Tamiya items and with these I have no complaints at all.

Everything was finished with Tamiya acrylics, washed and drybrushed with tubed acrylics. Final result was better than it should have been.

Greg Kerry

Photos and text by Greg Kerry