Any Scrap, Any Scale

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Jan 7 2021

Silly Week 2021



Some time ago I realised with a jolt that, indeed, I was not getting any younger: my modelling days were numbered - and what would happen to all the associated junk I had accumulated over a lifetime's plastic kit building?
Hoarding it no longer seemed the priority it once did.

So, I decided to let my creativity flow with several ideas that had been lurking largely undisturbed somewhere in the back of my murky subconscious.

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Those using decals probably need no explanation: various roundals seem to work best. Specialised groups like Luftwaffe unit badges or American nose art would be obvious alternatives.

The sculptural base for the Tamiya Fw190 has appeared in these pages before.  But the other photos show how the same idea can be applied to armour bases and for making a two-dimensional 'picture'. The similarly decorated aircraft display stand was taking this idea (perhaps unhappily) a bit further. Key to all of these is the paint finish: usually an acrylic wash over the basic paint and then drybrushing to finish.

I enjoyed making these and have given several away now as gifts. Other people seem to appreciate them too especially as examples of personal handcrafted items which don't exactly come too often or too economically these days.

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry