1/32 Dragon CH-135 Twin Huey

Gallery Article by Shawn phantom Weiler on Sept 7 2022



Flew in the back of this type of helicopter many times. The CH-135 Twin Huey that Canada invented and used from the very early 70s till replaced by the CH-145 Griffen in the 90s. The Americans called it the UH-1N as on the Dragon companies box. From the box you can build a Twin Huey with a huge amount of fire power. We never flew them that way.

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One of my best memories from my army days was being strapped on a stretcher (drills, I was a medic) jinking all over the Ottawa river at full speed with the doors wide open. Back on a 427 airframe at CFB Petawawa.

For something different I went with a late 80s United Nations scheme on airframe 135102. This helicopter is now in the petting zoo at CFB Trenton.  Its one of the only Twin Hueys that were not sold to Columbia as the right sliding door came off in flight, got hit by the rotor causing the airframe to make an emergency landing and to be written off. I painted it in the mid to early 80s UN scheme which still used the light blue markings. Near the end of service the markings were painted black. However, I did not have black UN markings, just these blue ones which are actually for a 1/48 Otter.  Tail fin decals came from a 1/72 Boeing 707. The cockpit on this model is outstanding. Dragon supplied some excellent photo etch. Just a shame you can not see any of it with the doors shut.


Photos and text by Shawn phantom Weiler