1/48 Eduard Models MiG 21 BIS

Gallery Article by Shailesh Karkhanis on Oct 18 2022



I intended to make this interesting MiG 21 BIS of the Indian Air force. The depicted model has the beautiful Cobra insignia and can be seen fairly visibly near the intake on both sides. To my delight Eduard Models of Czech Republic came out with a 1/48 scale kit and that too precisely in the IAF markings I wanted !!!!

The Cobra squadron is based at Pathankot. In 2002, the unit converted from the MiG-21 BIS to BISON which are currently in operation. The Cobras celebrated their Diamond Jubilee in October 2002.

In May 2019, it became the first squadron to host a fully commissioned women fighter pilot Bhawana Kanth of the Indian Air Force.

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About this scale model:

Making the model with this camouflage scheme is a complex process: 

Detaching parts from the sprue 

  • Dry fix the frames to check for Gaps 

  • paint the Cockpit in peacock blue color which was the standard color for Soviet Era Fighters 

  • Apply instrument panel decals 

  • Fix ballast in the nose cone to balance the aircraft 

  • Assemble the Cockpit along with ejection seat, Airframe and the Main Wings using plastic cement 

  • Paint the Dielectric panels in Dark Green 

  • Apply Primer post assembly of airframe and allow drying for 12 hours 

  • Apply base Acrylic paint, allow Drying for 12 hours 

  • Drawing the camouflage pattern on the airframe, apply masking tapes on the Airframe and canopy very carefully

  • Paint the camouflage pattern and underside of the aircraft and Allow Drying for 12 hours 

  • Remove the masking tapes and Apply water slide Decals at appropriate positions 

  • Assembly of elevators, undercarriages, UHF, VHF antennas and Pitot tubes. Allow undercarriage drying overnight by keeping the model upside down Scale Model ready for photography !!!!

Enjoy the photos.

Shailesh Karkhanis

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Photos and text by Shailesh Karkhanis