Hasegawa Egg-16

by Jojo B Cruz



This is the Hasegawa Tamago-World ("Egg World", in Japanese) Midnight Falcon. I decided to try my hand at it after seeing another one on ARC. The kit comes with a kit base that must be assembled (I didn't), of a small hill with a small cottage and a witch (yup, that's right, a witch) making a landing on the runway using a broom tailhook and aircraft carrier type "wire". It also comes with a semicircular wire to suspend the egg-16 with.

The parts are molded in gray plastic. Details are nice and crisp. I painted the pilot as per instructions (yellow-green, white, blue, yellow), giving him good contrast to the greys of the egg-16. I used Tamiya acrylics XF-24 (for the dark gray top), XF-53 (for the fins and front), and XF-19 (for the bottom). The radome was a mixture of XF-53 and XF-24. The engine nozzle was painted Gun Metal.

The decals were thin and good, and snuggled well onto the model (no real need for Mr Mark Softer). I opted for the more colorful decal set to give the model a brighter appearance (it is already quite cartoonish anyway).

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I used a simple sludge wash of paint+water+detergent to darken panel lines, missile fins (as the missiles were painted white), and wheels.

Although this was an elegantly simple and pretty kit, I do have one gripe about the canopy. There is a centering pin right under the front of the canopy and is easily visible.

All-in-all the fit was very good. I has some trouble fitting the main landing gear into the holes under the plane, but some determination paid off here.

I hope you enjoy it! (My wife thinks it's cute and wants to play with it though... )


Photos and text by Jojo B Cruz