Hasegawa ANA Eggplane

Gallery Article by Wild Bill

Silly Week 2005



Okay, so the Eggplane series aircraft aren't the most aerodynamic machines in the world.  However, they are GREAT at one specific function - impressing the girlfriend!  This kit won me substantial brownie points with the gal, and most likely contributed to the most important thing a guy can get from his girlfriend - permission to buy more models (common folks, this IS a family site...).

The Eggplane series are extremely easy to build.  They have few parts and fit very well, so they make a really fun diversion from actual historical subjects.

The only problem I encountered with this kit was the decals.  There are two options - stickers or traditional decals.  The stickers come on really thick, clear film and look like they would be almost impossible to get flat.  The decals weren't much better - I literally spent hours with Micro Sol (or similar product) soaking the decals and trying to flatten them out.  A few 'relief' cuts in the decals would have helped.  The white and yellow parts of the decals are also see-through.  I painted the yellow mustache and white underbelly, but if I could do it over I would also paint the tail and the mouth.  Numerous layers of Future helped hide the wrinkles.

Wild Bill

Photos and text by Wild Bill