1/32 21st Century Toys Bf-109 F

by Bill Arnold



This kit brings a whole new meaning to the word frustration.  The "rubbery" plastic does not like normal tube glue.  A combination of superglue and liquid glue was necessary to get the parts to stay together.  I purchased several different kits, and every one was missing parts.  (So much for "QC" at the factory.)  Part replacement is not an option, so you either scratch the parts, or return the kits to the store.

Basically built OOB I added Eduard p/e seatbelts.  This is the first time I have used p/e seatbelts, and they were a vast improvement to my old method of lead foil strips.

Even though this is a "toy" I was impressed with the fit and level of detail.  Yes, there are several things that need improvement and correcting, but nothing anyone with a sanding stick and internet access can't handle.  Even with that several "rookie" mistakes were made.

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The interior is nicely detailed, and fit into the fuselage without any problems.  The fuselage halves "snapped" together.  The instructions tell you to screw the main parts together, but I opted to plug the holes and fill them with superglue and baking soda. This worked out well, and the "plugs" are  impossible to detect. 

The model was painted with Model Master paints.  The model was given two coats of Future and finished with an oil wash and flat coat.


The decals performed flawlessly and reacted well to setting solution.

This model depicts Osterman's mount from JG 54 in autumn of 1941.

I have several more kits to be built, and look forward to improving with each one.


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Photos and text by Bill Arnold