1/32 21st Century Toys Ju-87 Stuka

 by Bill Arnold



This is the sixth kit by this company that I've built.  Now that I've cracked the code of using Acetone as glue it was a virtual walk in the park to build.  The kit itself fits together like a dream.  I used superglue and baking soda to fill what few hairline seams there were.

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Eduard photo etched seatbelts were used. The side steps, lower fuselage antenna,and aileron balances were scratched.  The rest of the model is strictly OOB.

The model was painted with Model Master paints (RLM 04,65/66/70/and 71.)  All decals are from the kit. This scheme represents a plane from 5./StG 77, Graz-Thalerhof, Austria, in the spring of 1941 according to the instruction sheet.  Construction took about eleven days.


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Photos and text by Bill Arnold