Phony Pony

Gallery Article by Bryan Bodily on Apr 29 2009



This model started as a, “I wonder if I could” kind of model. My brother thought that it was something that others would be interested in and so here it is.


The “Phony Pony” P-51B Mustang is a kind of Frankenstein model based on two Revell kits; the RIF RAF Spitfire and the Messa Schnitzel 109. This is not for those who would be concerned about starting with two kits and end with one model. The majority of the plane is from the Messa Schnitzel kit. This project start out as a “fun” project and it ended as such, with little concern of scale, panel line, correct dimensions, and correct colors used. There is a bit of cutting, sanding and good ole’ eye balling it. The decals are from both 1/32 and 1/48 scale Mustangs.

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I have thought about creating a semi-kit for this project if there is enough interest. Maybe Revell would want to create this neat example of this famous and most popular WW II aircraft. Lets Talk!


I wanted it to resemble the “Ding Hao!” P-51B. I think I came fairly close. Ok, ok… the tail numbers are not correct and most of the markings, but who cares! It is a Phony Pony!! Remember this is for fun!


I began this project by first building a Revell RIF RAF, which is a fun kit! When the Messa Schnitzel 109 came out I bought it and started to scope it out. I notice immediately that some of the parts were exactly the same. I think it is great that Revell could come up with two kits for planes that were on opposing sides during WW II (well, not exactly these planes) and have them easily recognizable. I then thought, “I wonder what other plane can be created by using the majority of the same parts?” I started by hand drawing the future model on a piece of paper and the Phony Pony is the end result.

Bryan Bodily

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