1/32 Su-25 PD-62-8 Pylons

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Sept 9 2020



This set from Zactomodels includes one pair of PD-62-8 pylons, launch rail mounting hardware and aileron actuator brackets.  The PD-62-8 pylons were often used on the Su-25.  The pylons are not included in the Su-25 kit, but it does include mounting holes for them (how convenient!). 

The photo above shows these pylons with the APU-60-1 launch rail and R-60 Aphid missile.

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As usual Zactomodels has added some amazing recessed detail including little tiny recessed rivets and the detail on the missile mounting surface on the bottom side of these pylons is loaded with detail.  The detail is so nice that it would be almost wrong to hang missiles on these and cover any of the detail on these pylons.  These pylons also come with mounting pins built in to make it easier to mount them to the wing of your Su-25. 

The single page of instructions is well laid out and easy to follow with text and 2 line drawings.

These are great looking and beautifully detailed pylons and will be a must-have for anyone building a 1/32 Su-25.  And remember, Zactomodels has an ever growing selection of missiles for your 1/32 Russian jets.

I would like to thank Chris at Zactomodels for providing me with this product sample.

You can buy these from Zactomodels.

Steve Bamford

Photos and text by Steve Bamford