1/32 MiG-23 Pylons

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Jan 29 2020



The above photo shows the Wing mounted BD3-60-23 pylon shown with APU-60-1 launch rail and R-60 Aphid missile.

This resin set from Zactomodels includes 6 highly detailed corrected 1/32 MiG-23 Pylons with detailed launching mechanisms on the undersides of all of the pylons plus 4 trees of optional hardware.

You get the following pylons:

  • APU-23 pylons

  • BD3-60-23 wing mounted pylons

  • BD3-60-23 fuselage mounted pylons


Click on images below to see larger images

Each pylon includes a variety of hardware for mounting different launch rails or weapons, but the real beauty of this set is the exquisite raised and recessed detail that is on these pylons.  The detail on the underside of these pylons is fantastic as well and light years ahead of the detail you'll find on the kit pylons.  I would suggest picking up some missiles from Zactomodels and to hang on some of the pylons and leave some pylons empty with the missiles still on the missile cart.  This way you can let some of that wonderful detail on the underside of the pylons show and still make use of the stunning Zactomodels missiles.

The single page of instructions includes text and line drawings to guide you through the whole process of using these pylons.  Follow the instructions closely and you will have no problems.

There is an in-progress thread on the ARC Discussion Forums.

I always look forward to the latest product from Zactomodels, each one of their products is a pleasure to see and hold as I enjoy all the rich detail.  This 1/32 MiG-23 Pylon set is up to their well deserved high reputation for rich exacting detail.

I would like to thank Chris at Zactomodels for providing me with this review sample.  Check out their site for an ever growing selection of Russian missiles and pylons.   

Steve Bamford

Photos and text by Steve Bamford