Taking better photos

by Steve Bamford

You want to take photos that make your model look it's very best.

Try to have an uncluttered background for your model.  Do not take photos with your model on a cluttered table.  Viewing a cluttered photo distracts the viewers attention from the model to all the other items in the photo.
Make sure you have enough light in your photo.  In this case the model is on a nice blue background.....but the photo is too dark.
Now we have one light shining on the model.  But there is still part of the background missing and showing part of the desk.

Also...at the back of the model there is a dark shadow, so maybe we need a second lamp.

Now the model is in the center of a big piece of thick blue paper.  But we still have that shadow at the back of the model......we need a second lamp.
The second lamp has been added and the model is well lit and the focal point of the photo with no distractions.
Here's a bigger image showing this very simple set-up.  Both goose neck lamps have 60 watt soft white light bulbs.


There is very little effort to taking better photos, but the results help your model stand out and look much better.

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