1/32 Trumpeter SBD-3

Gallery Article by Rod "VIPER 316" Bettencourt on Sept 6 2022



This represents an SBD-3 from VS-6 USS Enterprise June 4th 1942 crewed by ENS Frank O’Flaherty and AMM1 Bruno Gaido. Both Gaido and O’Flaherty were captured by the IJN after ditching their aircraft. After both men were interrogated, they had weights attached to them and thrown overboard to drown.

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This the Trumpeter Midway “Clear Edition”. As many have stated over the years, this is a pretty good kit!  I wouldn’t mind building another one.

The only AM used was Yahu IP, my wife made the squadron decal ID numbers for me. I used AK Paints exclusively on this build.  

Rod Bettencourt

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