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       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/72 Airfix Dauntless Dive Bomber by Derrick Davis and son

1/48 Hasegawa SBD-3 by Sung-hwan Byun

1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD-5 Dauntless by Wade Middleton

1/48 Accurate Miniatures Dauntless by Derek Juszczyszyn

1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD-3 Dauntless by Rob Melehan

1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD-5 Dauntless by Randy Lutz

1/48 Accurate Miniatures  SBD-5 Dauntless  by Derrick Davis

1/48 Accurate Miniatures Douglass SBD-5 Dauntless Divebomber Tarawa 11/16/43 by James Kelley

1/48 Hasegawa SBD-3 Dauntless by Alan Williamson

1/48 Hasegawa SBD-4 Douglas Dauntless by David Thompson

1/48 Hasegawa SBD Dauntless by Ed Fuquay

1/72 Hasegawa Dauntless SBD-3 by Jose Dardon

1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD-5 by David Rapasi

1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD-3 Dauntless by Ralph Emerson "Shonen Red" Dabao

1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD-1  by David Rapasi

1/48 Accurate Miniatures "Coral Sea" Dauntless  by Konley Kelley

1/48 Accurate Miniature SBD-3 and Tamiya F4U-1D  by Patrick Bessonies

1/48 Monogram SBD-4 Dauntless  by Michael Stanley

1/48 Hasegawa USN SBD-3 Dauntless  by Darren McGuinness

1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD-2 Dauntless by Rafi Ben-Shahar

1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD-5 by Rahmi Kocaman

1/72 Testors SBD Dauntless conversion to Mexican A-24B Banshee by Billbuccaneer (aka Billy Calzada) 

1/48 Accurate Min. SBD-3 by Saltydog

1/32 Trumpeter SBD-1  by Mark McClellan

1/32 Trumpeter Dauntless by Ron

1/32 Matchbox SBD Dauntless by Thanos Mentzelopoulos

1/72 Hasegawa Dauntless  by Carlos Arvizú

1/48 Hasegawa SBD-3 Dauntless  by Ralph Koziarski

1/48 Italeri Douglass SBD-5 Dauntless by Laurent ‘Angus’ Beauvais

1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD-2 Dauntless by David Rapasi

1/72 Testors SBD Dauntless (painted as A-24 Banshee) by Nick Winand

USMC Prop aircraft Models by Michael Taylor

1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD-3 Dauntless by David Rapasi

1/48 Accurate Miniatures A-24 Banshee by David Rapasi

1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD2 Dauntless by David Rapasi

1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD Dauntless by David Rapasi

1/48 Italeri SBD-5 Dauntless by Paul Coppin

1/72 Testors Dauntless by K Diamond

1/48 Hasegawa SBD-4 Dauntless by Waldemar Pupar

1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD-1 Dauntless by David Rapasi

1/32 Matchbox Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless by Olivier Barles

1/48 Hasegawa/ Accurate Miniatures SBD 4 Dauntless by Jens Gerber

1/32 Revell Douglas SDB-5E Dauntless by Victor De Jesus

1/48 Accurate Miniatures Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless by Eric Hargett

1/32 Revell SBD Dauntless 5E by Mike Pattison

1/48 Italeri SBD 5 Dauntless by Rodrigo Caselli Belem

Douglas Dauntless target tug by Dave Bailey, aka The rat

1/32 Trumpeter SBD-3 by Rod "VIPER 316" Bettencourt

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