Homepage Text - March 2004

Wednesday,  Mar 31  2004        Australia   RAAF Birthday  

David Thompson begins todays update on this special day with his 1/48 Tamyia Brewster Buffalo in Royal Australian Air Force markings.  David did some splendid work on this one and I'm sure you'll agree. I especially liked the paint chipping and weathering. 

Joe Volz is here with his expertly finished 1/48 Revell F-15 I Ra-am.  Joe added cockpit detailing and a full weapons load to his eye catching IAF F-15.  Joe goes into good detail in his article about building a F-15 I Ra-am.

Mike Williams is here with his 1/48 Promodeler Junkers Ju52/3m.  Mike has provided some helpful info about building his very clean and accurate looking Ju-52.  Always good to see this fairly large model completed.

Dmitriy Shapiro is here with his 1/144 Minicraft TWA Boeing 757-2Q8.  Dmitriy finished off his 757 in TWA markings.  His feature article provides great detail about building his very nice 757. 

Joe Youngerman is here today with his 1/72 Hasegawa  Ki-45 Toryu "Nick".  Joe includes some history behind the Japanesze "Nick" as well as info on building his particular model.  Another good looking model from Joe.

Armin Knes joins us with his 1/48 Trumpeter MiG-19SThis one is painted up in red for the Soviet Aerobatic team.  A very colourful MiG-19.  Well done Armin. 

I have a review of the recently released 1/48 T-38A "Press to Test" Talons decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  this sheet includes marking for 3 aircraft. 

I have a review of the 1/72 A-10A "Black Lightning" decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks This is a retro paint scheme for the A-10 Warthog.

Jason Chetwynd-Chatwin  is here with some Rolls-Royce Griffon 65 engine  walkaround photos.  This two-stage Griffon was used in the Spitfire XIV.

Tuesday,  Mar 30  2004      

Marcius Cesar Costa is here from Brazil with his 1/72 Liberty Kits Hawker Siddeley HS-125 - 400.  Marcius finished his jet in Brazilian markings. 

Steve Brisendine is here with his first article on ARC.  This is Steve's 1/48 Tamiya P-51D Mustang finished off in a very cleanly done bare metal finish and Glamorous Glen III markings.  Welcome to ARC Steve!!!

Bob "Glidingbob" Verhegghen is here with his 1/50 Heller Morane -Saulnier MS. 893A Rallye Commodore 180 glider tow a/c.  Bob did extensive work on his model to improve and add correct details. 

Cristiano Bartolini [aka Barto] is here with his first article on ARC.  This is his 1/48 Hasegawa Spitfire Mk. Vb Trop.  Barto added plenty of extra details to his spitfire to get the detail he wanted. 

I have a review of the new 1/48 F-111A Combat Lancer Aardvarks decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  This decal sheet features 3 different F-111's from south East Asia during the Vietnam war.  

I have a review of the new 1/48 Tomahawks decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  This decal sheet features 4 different Tomahawks......3 of which are from the AVG flying Tigers.

I have a review of the Me-109G-10 CD Rom from Buffie's Best.  If you like the Me-109 then you should check out this review.  This CD includes 1200 photos of Me-109's.  It is quite the resource for modellers.

I've added a link to Dmcmodels to the ARC Hobby Shop links page.  They sell Luft '46 & experimental model kits including R.V.Resin, Anigrand Craftswork and Airshowmodels.com

Feng Shi  is here with some MiG-19 walkaround photos. 

Maurizio Bressan  is here with some MiG-15  walkaround photo. 

Monday,  Mar 29  2004        

Luc Borlé is here with his first article on ARC.  Luc begins your week with his 1/72 Italeri Messerschmitt Bf-109 G-6.  This BF-109 is interesting because it comes in Swiss Air froce markings, which are some of my favourite Bf-109 markings.  This is a very nicely done Bf-109 Luc....welcome to ARC!!!

Jeff Brundt is here with his big 1/32 Monogram Grumman F3F-3 that he recently built.  Jeff has included a well detailed article about what he did while building his F3F-3.  A very enjoyable read.

Daniel PerezVertti is here with his first article on ARC.  You know Daniel  This is Daniel's 1/48 Hasegawa F-16C  finished off in Colorado ANG markings.  Daniel weathered his F-16 and added a full weapons load.  Read his full article for all the details.  Welcome to ARC Daniel!!! 

Kevin Jongen is here from Australia with his 1/48 Tamiya F-51D Mustang.  This is a "Korean War" Mustang and includes a beautifully done bare metal finish and paint chipping on the painted areas as well as weathering.  A very nice Mustang Kevin....everything looks just right.

Barry (Canuck) Friesen is here with his first article on ARC.  This is Barry's 1/72 Airfix Anson Conversion and Barry has included plenty of info about the process to build his Anson.  It's good to see someone building this twin engined WW2 trainer.  Welcome to ARC Barry!!! 

I have a review of the new 1/32 F4F-4 Wildcats decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  You get the choice of 4 different Wildcats including some with kill markings....some with artwork and one that was part of Operation torch.

I have a review of the new 1/48F-15E Saddam Hunters!! decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  This decal sheet is LOADED with noseart.....very colourful noseart.

Cal Cochran  is here with some F-105D walkaround photos. 

Cal Cochran  is here with a F-105G walkaround photo. 

Cal Cochran is here with some F-18F photos. 

Sunday,  Mar 28  2004        

Will Hendriks begins your update with his 1/48 Eduard Hanriot HD-1.  Will has been on a bi-plane trend recently.  Will built his colourful little bi-plane more or less out-of-the-box with a bit of scratchbuilt detail items.  You've got these bi-planes down to a science Will.

Robert-Jan Willekens is here with his 1/48 ICM USAAF Spitfire Mk.IXc.  Robert has provided a great article telling about his Spitfire and the history behind it......including 2 B&W photos.  A very nice spitfire with a great looking paint job and cockpit detail.

Davide Turati is here with his 1/72 Hasegawa Panavia Tornado IDS.  This is an Italian Tornado.  Davide tells about his excellent model and some history behind Italian Tornado operations.  There's some very well done weathering on his Tornado.

Ted Taylor is here with his preview of the 1/48 Buccaneer decal sheet from Model Alliance Group Looks like a good variety of Buccaneer markings.

A new ARC Group build begins today.  It's for ConvertiPlanes and involves building models of the more unusual rotary winged types.  Go to the ConvertiPlanes Group build webpage for more info.

Philippe Agulhon  is here with some Fiat G91-R3 walkaround photos. 

Saturday,  Mar 27  2004        

Darius Aibara begins today with his bare metal finish 1/48 Monogram/C&H F-101C Voodoo.  Darius used a resin conversion set to create a single seater Voodoo.  Very cool Darius.

Frank Crenshaw is here with his award winning 1/32 Hasegawa Bf-109G-6.  Frank weathered his 109 and added some scratchbuilt details to further enhance this very nice kit.  A darn fine model Frank. 

Brett Hodges has dropped by with his 1/48 Eduard P-39Q.  Brett weahtered his P-39 and also added paint chipping.  He finished off his P-39 in Soviet markings.  A fine model of a fine kit....well done Brett. 

Jose Aides is here with his first article on ARC.  this is his in-flight 1/72 Academy F-15C.  Jose  decided to finish off this stunning Eagle in IAF markings....which is always a popular selection of markings.  Look carefully.....you'll see this F-15 is firing one of it's missiles.....a very well done effect.  Welcome to ARC Jose!!!

Emad F.Tabsh is here with a preview of the 1/32 AeroclubF-105 metal landing gear.  If you are building the big Trumpeter F-105.....you may want to consider this white metal landing gear.  Thanks for sending in the pics Emad. 

José Brito from Santa Cruz Decals is here with some Kingfisher  walkaround photos from Cuba.

José Brito from Santa Cruz Decals is here with some Sea Fury walkaround photos from Cuba. 

Friday,  Mar 26  2004                  Bangladesh National Day  

  Greece Independence Day was yesterday....my apologies for not mentioning it......I was quite tired Wednesday night when I was doing the update.  

Angus begins your Friday update with his 1/48 Fonderie Miniatures Dassault Super Mystere B2.  This is a short run multi-media kit, but that didn't stop Angus from putting in the extra effort to turn this kit into a beautifully finished jet.

Andy Irving is here with his 1/72 Italeri C-119 “Flying Boxcar”.  Andy finished his C-119 in Canadian markings using decals from Leading Edge.  Andy also used an interesting technique on this model by building sections and painting them before final assembly. 

Fernan De Gannes is here with his 1/48 Academy MIG - 21PF.  Fernan finished his Mig in a bare metal finish and added a resin cockpit to improve upon the kit cockpit.  He also added extra detail and work to a variety of areas to get the finished model he wanted.

Michael Keogh is back with his 1/48 Hasegawa P-47D, which is the same P-47 that his neighbour flew.  I enjoyed the nose art on this pleasingly done P-47,  plus the insight into his neighbours experiences during WW2.

Neil Commerford joins us with his 1/72 Italeri C-47 Dakota in South African markings and Neil has included some history behind this aircraft.  Look at the bottom of Neil's article and you'll find  a picture with the props spinning. 

Jean-Charles Depiesse joins us with his first article on ARC.  This is his 1/72 Revell Sea Hurricane with some beautifully done weathering.....looks very realistic......especially considering this is the smaller 1/72 scale.  Welcome to ARC Jean-Charles!!! 

Dzevad Comor is here with his 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18C.  This is a clean build using colorful USN markings for VFA-82.  A very nice Hornet and it's always good to see someone finish this somewhat complicated Hasegawa Bug. 

Thursday,  Mar 25  2004      Greece Independence Day        Sea Mosquito First Flight Anniversary  

Colin Whitehouse is here to honour the first carrier  landings of the Sea Mosquito.  To honour this special occasion he has built the 1/48 Tamiya Mosquito and converted it to a Sea Mosquito Prototype.  Well done Colin!! 

Jeff Hamel is here with his first article on ARC.  This is Jeff's 1/48 Italeri F-16A Fighting Falcon finished off in Belgian Air Force markings.  I love the amount of panel line weathering....looks perfect for a Belgian F-16.  Welcome to ARC Jeff. 

Ivano Caprioli is here with his first article on ARC.  This is his 1/48 Hasegawa F-104G which is beautifully weathered....nicely detailed and finished off in Belgian markings. Welcome to ARC Ivano!!!

Wednesday,  Mar 24  2004        

Thang Le gets your daily model fix off to a good start with his 1/48 Monogram AH-1S Cobra.  Thang decided to finished off his Cobra in Israeli markings.  Yet another pleasing example of Thang's excellent work. 

Somchai "Blackeyes" joins us from Thailand with his recently finished 1/48 Italeri Tornado.  Somchai put plenty of effort into getting his Tornado looking just right. 

Dalmazio Frigerio is here from Italy with his 1/72 Italeri SM 79 Sparviero.  Dalmazio finished off his SM 79 in Italian markings.  It's always good to see models of these Italian aircraft from WW2.

Alexis Demulder joins us from Belgium with his 1/48 Hasegawa F-4J Phantom II.  Alexis has added detail to the cockpit on his F-4 as well as doing a lovely job on the rest of his Vietnam era jet.

Dave Flitton of the Baghdad Hobby Club is here with his first article on ARC.  This is Dave's Me-309Model, Dave builds mostly armor, but he does also build the occasional aircraft. 

I have some info about the June 19 2004 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Model Show 2004.  Calgary has a strong group of modellers and this shows when they put together a contest/Show. 

Patrick Genoud is here with some F-18 Swiss Air Force  walkaround photos.

Sal Provenzano is here with some HH-60G Pavehawk walkaround photos.  

Tuesday,  Mar 23  2004                  Pakistan Day   

Mustafa Aziz is here with his first article on ARC.  Mustafa is here to honour Pakistan with his 1/48 Academy F-86F Sabre  in Pakistani markings.  This plane was flown by a famous ace and has quite the history behind it.  Very nice Sabre on all accounts.  Welcome to ARC Mustafa!!!

Julio Pillet is here with his first article on ARC.  This is his 1/35 Scratchtbuilt Policarpov RZ "Natacha" that he built to honour his Father.  This is a very complicated and labour intensive model......quite the project.  Welcome to ARC Julio!!! 

Jake Melampy is back today with part2 of his 1/32 Hasegawa F-16D.  Jake took an F-16C and converted into an F-16D.....no simple task.  In this final part of his article you get to see the exceptional finished model. 

Joe Youngerman is here with his 1/72 Azur Martin Baltimore Mk I.  Joe has provided some history on this plane.  He detailed and weathered his Baltimore and ended up with a very nice example of this WW2 aircraft.   

Charles Kalina of the Baghdad Hobby Club is here with his great looking 1/72 Pioneer-2 YAK-15.  The guys in Baghdad would like me to express their deep thanks for all the support they have received.....that sort of support means very much to them.   

Hal Marshman Sr. is here with his beautifully built and weathered 1/48 Hasegawa P-47C-5Hal's P-47 also includes some nose art and just the perfect amount of fading and weathering to the paint.  

Jacob Weintraub is here with some F/A-18 E  walkaround photos.  

Marcin Witkowski is here with some EC 155B Helicopter walkaround photos 

Monday,  Mar 22  2004   

Fernando Dias is here with his super detailed 1/72 Academy T-6 Harvard "50 Anos F.A.P.".  This one includes full engine detail and much more.....remember this is 1/72.  Amazing and impressive all in one model. 

Jake Melampy is here with part 1 of his 2 part article on his 1/32 Hasegawa F-16D.  He made this one the hard way by taking an F-16C and converting it to an F-16D.  Part 2 of this great project runs tomorrow.

Steve Norton has dropped by with his 1/48 Tamiya  Messerschmitt  Bf-109 E3.  Steve built this beauty out of the box and darkened the panel lines and added some weathering to give it a more realistic look. 

Dave Michener Jr is here with his 1/25 Aoshima Delorean Time Machine kitThis car flew in the movie, so I feel it counts as an aircraft to some degree.    No matter how you look at it....it's a cool model.

Gianni Chirico is here with his very nicely done 1/72 PM-Model Ta.183.  this aircraft is Focke-Wulf Ta.183 "Huckebein" which was German Experimental Jet Fighter.  Gianni detailed the cockpit a bit as well.

I have a review of the re-issued 1/35 AW-1 Cobra decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  This sheet includes 13 different Cobras including Gulf War to Operation Enduring freedom in Afghanistan.

I have a special request from Nick Monopoli.  He built a A-4 Skyhawk for Paul Galanti, who spent 7 years in the Hanoi Hilton after being shot down in his A-4.  The model was sent by US Mail, and it arrived with some damage.  They need someone in the Richmond, VA area that can perform the minor repairs to this model, so it can be displayed in the Virginia Aviation Museum.  Another e-mail contact is Nick Monopoli

Busolini Massimo is here with some TF-104GM and F-104ASAM Starfighter walkaround photos.  

Mark Sindiong is here with some F-105 D Ejection seat walkaround photos.  

Sunday,  Mar 21  2004                Namibia Independence Day  

Ted Johnston gets today's update off to a good start with his 1/200 Hasegawa 747SP.  Ted finished up his 747 in custom make decals for Air Namibia.  A very attractive airliner....great looking markings and it's a special thing to feature it on ARC on Namibia's Independence Day.

Jeffrey J. Brundt is here with his 1/48 Academy F4U-1D.  Jeff finished off his weathered corsair in 'Pappy' Boyington's markings.  Jeff goes into some very good detail about building his very appealing Corsair.

Emad F.Tabsh is here with a "blast from the past" with his inbox preview of the 5/32 Aurora Convair B-58 Hustler.  You'll enjoy seeing this one if you've never seen this kit before. 

Phil Juvet is here with one photo to add to the bottom of his  Focke Wulf 190 D-9 walkaround photos.  This latest photo shows the plane after it had it's wing switched with the Fw-190D in Arizonia. 

Andy Ludwig is here with one F-5 prototype photo.  

Saturday,  Mar 20  2004                    Tunisia National Day  

EJ DeVivo has done a splendid job....a masterful job on his 1/48 Revell F-15E "Strike Eagle".  From the imprecable paint job and the tiny details like remove before flight tags....this F-15 has a look and feel just like the real jet. 

Robert-Jan Willekens is here with his 1/200 Hasegawa Douglas C-47 Dakota.  Robert is from the Netherlands, so naturally his C-47 wears The Royal Netherlands Air Force markings.  Read his article for more details.

Tony Crews recently built the 1/72 Tamiya & 1/48 Eduard Bell X-1's and then had Chuck Yeager sign one of them.  Don't believe me?.......check out Tony's article for a photo of the event.  Cool first article Tony....welcome to ARC!!!

Emad F.Tabsh is here with a Preview of the 1/72, 1/48 BAe Hawk in worldwide service decal sheet from Model Alliance Group.  If you want to build a Hawk in foreign service....this is the decal sheet for you.

Friday,  Mar 19  2004   

Lucien Bosonnet begins today's update with his beautifully built 1/10 Blériot XI.  Lucien provides the history behind this early flying machine that crossed the English Channel.  This is a wonderful model that is now housed in a museum.

John 'Jake' Banas is here with his first article on ARC.  John has built the 1/48 Academy Beechcraft Bonanza V35A, which is a very attractive and interesting civilian aircraft.  Welcome to ARC John!!! 

Pete Hudson has completed his amazing 1/48 Tamiya P-47D.  Pete went to great lengths to detail and weather his P-47.  Take a close look at this one......and you'll be hauling your own P-47 out of your kit stash.  The weathering also includes paint chipping.

Bob Aikens has done a splendid job building his 1/32 Revell Tornado IDS.  Bob finished his Tornado in German markings.  Bob has a definite talent when it comes to 1/32 models and you'll clearly see that in his Tornado.

Ben Snyder has built and detailed and weathered the 1/48 Revell F-14 Tomcat.  This kit builds up to a very nice Tomcat, but it does require a bit of effort.  Ben's F-14 looks first class from all angles. 

Mike O'Hare (Mickey Fickey) has finished building his 1/72 High Planes Mirage.  Mike went to some very good effort to  get his Mirage looking as realistic as possible......and he succeeded....this one is very nice indeed. 

Philip Jones has been kind enough to send in some pics from the The Fleet Air Arm Museum Model Show 2004.  Philip has also included a photo of some of the regulars from the ARC Fiscussion Forums.  This show is set in a museum among many famous aircraft....what a fantastic venue this is.

Thursday,  Mar 18  2004   

Vinny Ibarra begins your update with his well detailed and beautifully finished 1/32 Tamiya F-15E Strike Eagle.  Vinny finished his F-15 in markings for ROCKETEER SQUADRON.  The painting and weathering is first rate.....it's a definite pleasure to see these big F-15 models. 

Darius Aibara is here with his 1/48 Airfix Seafire FR46 and FR47.  Darius used the very high quality kit from Airfix.   It's good to see these later Mk. Spitfire/Seafire models.

Lloyd Curtis is here with his first article on ARC.  Lloyd has done a stunning super detailed job on his 1/48 Trumpeter HH65A Dolphin He's provided a big article detailing all the detailing he did.  This is very impressive....welcome to ARC Lloyd. 

Grzegorz Stróżek is here with his first article on ARC today.  This is his 1/72 Hasegawa B5N Kate finished off with a weathered peeling paint look.  Grzegorz built his Kate basically straight out of the box.  Looking good Grzegorz....welcome to ARC!!!    

Scott Minium is here with his first article on ARC today.  This is Scott's 1/48 Monogram F-4J Mig Ace done up as an in-flight model with  Yellowhammer decals to create the F-4 of of LT Randy "Duke" Cunningham....the only USN's only ACE from the Vietnam War.  Welcome to ARC Scott.

Mutlu Arslan has finished his 1/48 Academy F14A.  Mutlu used some Eduard PE and Cam decals to finish off his Jolly Rogers Tomcat.  He also did a bit of scratch building and modified a few things to improve upon the Academy kit.  Jolly Rogers F-14's ROCK!!

Erwin Sengco is here for the first time today.  Erwin has two Computer Desktop Wallpaper images for you to use and enjoy.  One is a Spitfire Mk. 18.  Thanks Erwin.

Wednesday,  Mar 17  2004            Happy St Patrick's Day in Ireland 
Today is a special Day.  It's St. Patrick's Day.  This is the day everyone claims to be Irish.  Remember to wear something green....I'll have a pint of the best and raise my glass to the folks on the Emerald Isle.

If you are interested in decals of Irish aircraft.....go to Max decals at http://www.maxdecals.com/

Justin Davenport gets things rolling with his recently completed 1/72 Hobbycraft CF-105 Avro Arrow.  Justin has been on a Canadian building trend for the last little while.....good to see he's added the Arrow to his other Canadian aircraft.  Nice in-flight display Justin.  

Ron Dobrzelecki is here with his 1/48 Hobbycraft F8F-2K Bearcat.  This is Ron's first article on ARC.  He added some resin goodies from Cutting Edge to finish off his very nice and colourful Bearcat.  Welcome to ARC Ron!!!

Steve Zajac is here with his first article on nARC today.  This is Steve's 1/48 Hasegawa A-4B VA-15 'Valions'.  Steve used some aftermarket goodies from Cutting Edge and Eduard as well as aftermarket decals.  Welcome to ARC Steve!!!  

Tolga Ulgur is here which is always a treat.  Today Tolga presents his 1/48 Accurate Miniatures P-51 Mustang 1.  Tolga has weathered and detailed the cockpit with some scratchbuilt details.  The model is weathered and the panels lines are shaded. 

Rahman Ramadya is back on ARC today with his 1/72 Academy Focke Wulf Fw-190 Dora 9.  This is one  of those special red bottomed Dora's.  Rahman has built this one straight from the box with a very well done paint job. 

Wing Ho is here with his 1/48 Hasegawa F-15A Streak Eagle.    This is Wing's first article on ARC.  This is one of the most famous F-15's and wing gave his a multi shaded bare metal finish.  Welcome to ARC Wing!!!

OzMod's Scale Models LATEST 1/144 KIT IS OUT!   It's the MIG-15bis.  This kit is injection moulded with crystal clear vac canopies (2 supplied), detailed cockpit and wheel wells, FOUR decal options (Chinese Air Force, CSSR Air Force, North Korean Air Force, USSR Air Force).

Everett McEwan is here with some F-111E walkaround photos.  

Bernd Korte is here with some German T-33  Shooting Star walkaround photos.  

Tuesday,  Mar 16  2004    

Ricardo Luna is here with his first article on ARC.  This is Ricardo's 1/48 Monogram Ju87-G that he Winterized and converted into a Stuka D.  Winter camo is always one of the most challenging camos and Ricardo got his looking great.  Welcome to ARC Ricardo.  

Creighton Henthorn Jr is here with another in his evewr growing Tomcat collection.  This is Creighton's 1/48 Academy F-14A Tomcat....another gem from Creighton's work bench. 

Pavel Hrncir is here with his 1/72 MPM Darkshark.  This unique aircraft had a prop engine in the front and a jet in the rear.  Pavel did quite a bit of work on his to improve upon the kit.

Henk Rodermond  is here with his 1/48 Hasegawa F-104G that he converted into a Dutch TF-104G.  Henk provides some stunning shots of his TF-104.  Exceptional work Henk. 

Jorge Bonilla Alvarado has really "gone to town" on his 1/48 Tamiya Fw-190D9.  Jorge added an Aires superdetail resin set which really improves upon this very nice kit.

Les Horvath has dropped by with his first article on ARC.  This is his 1/48 Revell-Monogram CF-188A that he painted up as a "what-if RCAF 80th. anniversary plane".  I like your style Les.....welcome to ARC!!! 

Everett McEwan is here with some WB-66 Destroyer walkaround photos.  

Monday,  Mar 15  2004    

Yiorgos Domianos joins us from Greece with his first article on ARC today.  This is his 1/48 Revell Henschel Hs-129 given to him by his young son.  We could only wish we all had kids like that.  Yiorgos did a splendid job on his HS-129.  Welcome to ARC Yiorgos!!! 

Armin Knes is here today with his big and beautiful 1/32 Revell MiG-29A.  Armin has added plenty of realistic detail including weathering to get his MiG-29 looking like it just landed.  

Giovanni Chirico has dropped by today with his 1/72 Hasegawa North American P-51D Mustang.  Gianni finished his Mustang in a blue nosed scheme of  a famous US pilot.  Gianni also added weathering to create the exhaust stains.

John McCormick has been busy creating a masterpiece.  This is John's 1/32 Trumpeter A-10A detailed with some aftermarket resin goodies and given a very good degree of time and attention.  John's many months of effort were well worth it. 

Praveen K S joins us from India with his 1/72 Italeri HH-53C  Jolly Green Giant.  Praveen finished off his Jolly Green Giant in USAF, 37th ARRS markings from Phu Cat, Vietnam in 1971.  A very nice example of this famous chopper.  Welcome to ARC Praveen!!! 

Dedigurov Evgenij is here today with his 1/72 Amodel Tupolev TU-128M.  Dedigurov finished his Tu-128M in a beautifully done multi-shaded bare metal finish.  A very well done example of this bug Soviet aircraft.

Ted Taylor is here with the just released 1/48 BAE Hawk decal sheet from Xtradecal.  This sheet features 27 different Hawks in interesting paint schemes and with a good variety of markings and artwork. 

John Shirley is here with some HH-60G "USAF Pavehawk" walkaround photos.  

Everett McEwan is here with some F-4 walkaround photos.  

Sunday,  Mar 14  2004    

John Jones has finished his 1/72 Testors B-2A Spirit.  John modified his B-2 to Block 30 specifications.  John has kindly provided some helpful info on building this very good but poor fitting kit.  This is John's first article on ARC and I hope to see more of his work in the future. 

Chris Novak is back today with his "Sachsenberg -Schwarm" JV 44, 1945.  This is a collection of 4 1/32 Fw-190 that Chris has built in the detail rich cut-away fashion.  Amazing amounts of work and skill is involved in building each of these.

Dave Michener Jr has dropped by with his first article on ARC.  This is Dave's selection of 1/200 Hasegawa Lockheed L-1011 Tristars.  Dave built both of these in different but well known Liveries.  Nice ones Dave.  Welcome to ARC!!!   

Emmanuel Banon is here with some F-8 (FN) Crusader French Navy walkaround photos.  

Philippe Agulhon is here with some Saab J-35 Draken walkaround photos.  

Saturday,  Mar 13  2004  

       The Spanish Flag        

  In memory of all the victims of the Terrorist attack on Mar 11 2004 

Bob Leonard starts off your Saturday update with his 1/144 Airfix VC-10.  Bob did a fair bit of work to build this one......the kit originally started out as a tanker.  The model and tarmac base look very realistic together.

Raymond Biggs has a bit of a "what-if" today.  This is Raymond's 1/72 Academy MiG-23K Naval Flogger which he created himself.  Raymond went to the trouble to figure some of the special qualities of the Naval Flogger to complete his model. 

Gerald Dressel is here with his first article on ARC.  This is Gerald's 1/48 Grand Phoenix Fury FJ-4B which also happens to be his third model since re-entering the hobby........Gerald seems to be a very quick learner.  Welcome to ARC Gerald!!!   

Matt Swan has dropped by with an In-box Preview of the 1/48 Eduard Ki-115 Tsurugi (Sword or Sabre).  This is a very interesting kit and should appeal to the modellers that built Japanese aircraft.  

Friday,  Mar 12  2004                 Mauritius Independence Day  

Kelly Quirk is back today with his 1/48 Revell B-17F - Part 2.  Yesterday you saw the interior develope into one of Kelly's usual gems.  Today Kelly shows you pics of the finished model mounted on it's stand. WOW!!

Everett McEwan was looking for an easy build.  So he built his 1/72 Hasegawa F-18A and finished it off in this cool paint scheme from  Twobobs decals.  Although the paint scheme looks involved....Everett enjoyed the build and the finished model.  It's look well worth the effort.

Eric Lowe is here with his 1/35 Trumpeter SA-2 Guideline Missile on Launcher.  Don't be fooled by this photo....this model has 159 parts.  Eric did some weathering to bring out the detail on his very nicely built and deadly looking missile. 

Len Roberto has finished the 1/48 Monogram A-10 in special markings from Twobobs decals.  Len also custom made a base for his Warthog.  Lookin' good Len.

Alan Lacey dropped by the ARC Corporate offices today with his first article on ARC.  This is Alan's 1/48 Hasegawa P-51D finished off in a very realistic looking bare metal finish.  Alan also added exhaust stains and topped it all off with some very attractive sexy noseart .  Welcome to ARC Alan!!!  

Oleg at Olimp Models Kits has a reference question he'd like me to ask all of you regarding this photo of an American JN4-HG he will be releasing in the near future.  I've included his e mail link.  Click on the image for the question.  Thanks everyone.

Everett McEwan is here with some A-26K Counter Invader  walkaround photos.  

Thursday,  Mar 11  2004         Lithuania Independence Day  

Kelly Quirk is here with a very special article.  Kelly's Grandfather was a B-17 pilot during WW2.  Kelly has used the 1/48 Revell B-17F to build his Grandfather's B-17.  This  Part 1 where Kelly covers the construction and detailing....and scratchbuilding.  Part 2 runs tomorrow.

Graham Tarran has finished building his 1/48 Classic Airframes Gloster Meteor F Mk8 Graham has provided a very good article covering the build of his limited production Classic Airframes kit.  Well done Graham.   

David Steele is dropping by with his bare metal 1/48 Hasagawa F-104C.  David built his Starfighter more or less out of the box.  And then finished it in some very colorful markings. 

Darius Aibara has been busy on this model.  This is his is 1/48 Dynavector Fairey Gannet AS.Mk.1 done up with scratchbuilt wingfolds.  Just another amazing example of a limit run kit from Darius's display case.

Joe Volz is here with his 1/48 AMT ES-3A "Shadow".  Joe built this one more less out the box with some aftermarket decals.  Joe did some fine finishing on his Shadow and finished it all off with weathering.   

Mark Walsh is here with some Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF14 walkaround photos.

Wednesday,  Mar 10  2004      

Colonel Al Gross has been busy improving the 1/48 Airfix BAC Lightning F.6 to make it into a perfect model.  Al has improved and detailed almost all areas of this model.  then he took lots of excellent photos and wrapped it up with some very informative text.  This is a very well done feature article.  

Caz Dalton is back....which is always a special treat.  Caz has been on a bi-plane trend for the last little while and today he presents his 1/48 Eduard Hanriot HD.1/2 for you all to enjoy.  There is a special art to making a bi-plane with all that rigging.

Chaz Nims is back and he brought his recently finished 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1D along with him.  Chaz added some cockpit photo etch and some after market decals to improve his corsair.  The cockpit is particularly detail rich.  

Tuesday,  Mar 9  2004      

Franck Oudin begins your update with his recently completed 1/48 Tamiya P-47-D.  You all know Franck's beautiful work....so I'll not say more and just let you enjoy his P-47. 

Simon Levers has done a first class job building the very popular and high quality 1/48 Revell F-15E Strike Eagle.  Simon wanted some colourful markings and chose the Dragon markings from Cutting Edge.  It's always a treat to see a model of this kit.

Jon H. Ruehle joins us today with his 1/72 Airfix Ka-25.   Jon's article goes into some pretty good detail about his experience building this kit.  Read and enjoy. 

Martin Glogar is here today with his 1/48 Tamiya Fw190A3.  Martin has provided 2 images of his Fw-190.  He did some very nice pre-shading and weathering to finish off his Fw-190. 

Tayfun Gol is here for the first time today.  He joins us with his 1/48 Testors F-104C.  Tayfun finished off his 104 in colourful markings on a bare metal finish.  Welcome to ARC Tayfun.  Your F-104 looks very good.

Ming Ho has taken on a  project to help all ARC'ers.  Each month he will provide Computer Desktop images that include a calendar in the bottom right corner of the image.  The Desktop Calendar image for March 2004 is a F-14.  I've included detailed instructions on how to install this image on your computer.

Cal Cochran is here with some TBM Avenger  walkaround photos.  

Andy Ludwig is here with some  A-6 Intruder walkaround photos.  

Monday,  Mar 8  2004      

Krzysztof Gęga is here for the first time today.  He begins today's update with his 1/35 Trumpeter, Mil Mi-4A Hound.   Krzysztof was busy getting all the details looking good on his Mi-4.  Take a good close look at this article.....the interior detail is all there and the masterful weathering looks perfect.  Welcome to ARC Krzysztof!!!  

Darren Roberts has sent in an article about his 1/48 Hasegawa F-16 ADF.  Darren combined the Hasegawa and Revell kits to make his an ADF version.  He also had to create a way of getting the marking he wanted for this Viper.  His article will give you all the details. 

Fabien Arnaud has dropped by with some images of his 1/48 Revell Promodeler Bf-110 G2.  Fabien had to do a bit of work to get the Me-110 he wanted, but judging by the finished model.....his work was well worth it.  The nightfighter antennas always add an extra delicate look to models.  Click here to see this article in French. 

Parker Ewing is back today with his 1/48 Tamiya MiG-15.  Parker wanted to make this MiG-15 stand out so he gave it a less common paint scheme and some multi-shaded natural metal painting to the engine. 

Tom Mandys is here with his second article on ARC.  Tome has built the 1/72 Academy Messerschmitt Me-163 S.  This is a 2 seat version of this famous WW2 German rocket powered interceptor.  Tom finished his in Soviet markings and added detail galore to the cockpit....take a close look....you'll like what you see.  Welcome to ARC Tom. 

I have a review of the new 1/32 F4U-1A Corsairs decal sheet  from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  This decal sheet features 4 different Corsairs, with 3 of these being flown by the famous Ace Maj. Greg Boyington.  Three of them have some degree of artwork or text artwork.

Chris Monck has been busy doing 2 Virtual Aircraft Images.  One image is of a B-17 and the other is of a Me-262.  These images were created from scratch by Chris using his computer.....quite amazing.

I have a review of the new 1/72 and 1/48 Dragon Hawk decal sheet from Model Alliance Group.  This is for the RAF BAe Hawk Mk. 1 XX172 St Athan Station Flight.  If you like the Dragon from English legends....then this decal sheet is a MUST have.

Steve Chapis is here with some F-16 photos from Operation Enduring Freedom.

Mário de Vasconcelos Serelle is here with some EMB-312 Tucano (T-27)  walkaround photos.  

Sunday,  Mar 7  2004      

Uncle Rick Chin of Uncle Bill's Hobby has been busy building his 1/48 Hasegawa CF-18A using the new decals from Leading Edge Models.  This is one of the many interesting decal sheets from Leading Edge Models.  Way to go Uncle Rick!!!

Jeremy Neo of Hobby Icon in Singapore has dropped by with his 1/48 Azur Latecoere 298.  This is a kit build more or less out of the box with some weathering and a figure add.  a very impressive model.

Adrian Koh is here with his Tomcat.  This is Adrians's  beautifully done 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A with some weathering and panel line darkening.  Very nicely Done Adrian.  Welcome to ARC!!!

Jens Gerber has sent in some pictures of his 1/48 Accurate Miniatures P-51 Mustang I.  Jen's used a resin seat from Ultracast to improve on the kits seat.  And Jens used aftermarket decals to finish his P-51. 

David Traill has been kind enough to send in a preview of the 1/72, 1/48 Marine One  decal sheet from Model Alliance GroupNow you can make a model of the Presidents helicopter.

For those of you that enjoy Luft '46 aircraft.....Sharkit has announced the release of their 1/72 Sanger Antipodal Bomber...available now, price 92 euros.  Sharkit is known for their X-Planes, Spacecraft, and Luft '46 as well as 1/72 Limited Edition Resin Kits of unconventional and experimental Flying Machines.

Saturday,  Mar 6  2004           Ghana Independence Day  

Mike Williams starts off your day with 2 pictures of his 1/48 Promodeler Messerschmitt Bf 110G-4.  Mike added an Eduard Photo Etch set as well as an resin Aires gun compartment set.  He then finished off his 110 with a great paint scheme and weathering. 

Giovanni Chirico has dropped by with his 1/72 Hasegawa Fairchild A-10A Thunderbolt II.  This particular Warthog is with the "Flying Tigers" and features very good detail....especially considering it's in 1/72.

Polly Singh has built the 1/72 Frog (Novo) Westland Wallace and converted it to an Indian Air Force Wapiti IIA.  Polly has also supplied some history behind this aircraft.  It's a very good looking bi-plane. 

Armin Knes is here with his 1/32 Revell MiG-21 MFArmin modified quite a few areas in his big MiG-21 to get the detail up to the level he prefers.  The he finished it off with a weathered bare metal finish.  A very convincing model

Jon H. Ruehle just got his hands on the 1/35 Trumpeter Mi-24 Hind and he rushed in an In-box preview so you all can have a look at the big Hind from Trumpeter.  Definately a cool looking Tiger scheme.

Friday,  Mar 5  2004         Maiden flight of Spitfire prototype in 1936 

Avshi Sagi begins today with his first article on ARC.  Avshi is here from Israel with his very special 1/32  Revell F4-E "MIG KILLER" article.  Avshi tells about the history of the F-4 in IAF service as well as his very well done 1/32 F-4.  Welcome to ARC Avshi!!! 

Maxime Pidara is here today with the 1/200 Heller Breguet Atlantic.  Maxime finished this one in French markings.  This is a very good looking model from this Heller kit....well done Maxime.  

Emilio R. Diaz has dropped by with his second article on ARC.  This is Emilio's 1/48 Academy F4U-4b Corsair done up in Korean war markings....and very colourful markings they are....Emilio explains about these markings in his article. 

Jason Chetwynd-Chatwin is here with some Napier Sabre Engine Walk Around walkaround photos.

Jason Chetwynd-Chatwin is here with some Bristol Hercules Engine walkaround photos.  

Thursday,  Mar 4  2004         Senegal Independence Day  

Ercan Karakas is here with his second article on ARC.  Ercan has built the 1/72 A-Model Russia Pzl 104 Wilga and he's added quite a bit of extra detail to this little beauty.  Check out his article for all the improvements he did.  Good looking Wilga and interesting markings as well Ercan. 

Federico Kunz is here with his first article on ARC.  He has built a special 1/48 Tamiya Mig-15 in honour of his wife's family  He finished his Mig-15 in Algerian Air Force markings.  His Mig-15 has a bare metal finish with chipped markings.  Welcome to ARC Federico!!!

Darren Roberts is on a bit of a mission to build some 1/48 CVW-5 NAS Atsugi colour birds.  This is Part 1 of his article with part 2 to run at some point in the future.  Today he presents 3 aircraft from this airwing......very colourful with some outstanding detail added. 

Dave Steele is keeping the airliner crowd grinning today with his 1/144 Revell Airbus A330-300.  Dave did his airbus up in markings for an airline that doesn't fly the airbus....yet.....a rather exotic airline.  Good choice of plane and markings Dave....very cool. 

Marcius Cesar Costa joins us with his 1/72 Liberty/GIIC - Models Resin Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia VC97.  It's interesting to see this prop driven passenger aircraft.  It looks just right sitting on the display base.

Erik Wauters has finished the 1/144 Revell-Monogram B-2 Stealth Bomber.  This is a very simple design of a kit but that didn't stop Erik from giving it a multi-shaded paint job to simulate real world look of this aircraft due to lighting and weathering. 

Artur Pucyk is here with some OH-58 Kiowa Warrior walkaround photos.

Michael Boyd is here with some Waco CG-4A Combat Glider walkaround photos.  

Wednesday,  Mar 3  2004   Bulgaria National Day          Morocco National Day  

Mark Miller begins your update today with his 1/72 Revell of Germany F/A-18C/D.  Mark converted the F/A-18C/D to an F/A-18A for  the ARC Adversary/Aggressor Group Build.  Cool looking jet  Mark!!!

Felice De Leo (the Black Sheep) has finished his 1/72 Academy F-51D Mustang Felice chose to finish his Mustang in SAAF marking from Korea in 1952.  and weather it with gun smoke and exhaust stains.  Read his article to learn some of the problems he had while building his Mustang. 

Chris Novak has a special treat for you today.  This is Chris's 1/32 Revell Bf 109 G-6 that he cit away certain areas to expose the inner detail of the aircraft's fuselage, engine compartment and wing.  An excellent piece of work Chris.  

Wannapong Ngamkasem has dropped by with his 1/72 Academy RTAF A-37 which is finished in Royal Thai Air Force markings including a unique paint scheme.  Always good to see Royal Thai Air Force aircraft on ARC......variety is always enjoyable.  Keep them coming Wannapong.

Kevin Jongen has finished his very clean and detailed build of his 1/48 Tamiya F-15C Eagle.  Kevin includes info one how he got his F-15 looking so nice.  The paint job is impeccable and the number of stencils has to be seen to be believed.  Great looking F-15 Kevin.

José Antonio Granado has done a splendid job on his 1/72 Hasegawa Mitsubishi Ki-67 "Peggy".  The panel lines have a shaded effect and the rest of the plane is loaded in subtle detail.  This is fantastic detail in any scale....but for 1/72.....this Ki-67 is truly impressive. 

Jon Ruehle has dropped by with a Tools 'n' Tips article about Aircraft Nose Weight Made Easy.  Jon shows you how to add nose weight to your tail dragger model to get it sitting on it's nose gear.  Thanks Jon!!! 

Tuesday,  Mar 2  2004      

Rodney Williams begins today's update with part 3 of his 1/48 Monogram AH-64 Apache.  Rodney details the chain gun and a few other areas today.  Part 4 won't be on ARC for a few weeks......But it will show you how the finished models turned out.  Rodney's work is master quality.

Darius Aibara is here to give us a treat today.  this is Darius's 1/48 Airfix RAF Jaguar GR1A.  Darius finished his Jaguar in special RAF markings and detailed it with a variety of detail items including some from Paragon.   

Dzevad Comor is here with his first article on ARC today.  This is Dzevad's 1/48 Tamiya Fw-190D-9 with a very well done paint scheme and some weathering.  Welcome to ARC Dzevad!!!

Leander Niederhauser is back 1/48 Heller Mirage 2000C.  You all know Leander's excellent work and this Mirage is no exception.  He's added resin goodies and aftermarket decals to get his Mirage up to the standard he likes.  This model is dedicated to a very special woman in his life. 

Hal Marshman, Sr. is back again, which I'm pleased to see.  This time Hal has brought along his 1/48 Hasegawa Hs-129-B1.  Hal did some detailing in the cockpit and then left the canopy open to show it off.  He custom mixed his paints to get the shades exactly the way he likes them.   Desert schemes are always good to see. 

Zosh has dropped by with his first article on ARC.  this is his 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A and finished off in the famous markings of VF-84.  It's always good to see another F-14 on ARC....and I know Steve Filak will enjoy seeing another VF-84.  Welcome to ARC Zosh!!!

Steven Lu is here with some Tornado GR4 walkaround photos.

Charles Kalina is here from the Baghdad Hobby Club with some Antonov An-72 "Coaler" walkaround photos.  These were taken recently at the Baghdad airport.

Monday,  Mar 1  2004                St David's Day in Wales

Rodney Williams fires up your week with his superdetailed 1/48 Monogram AH-64 Apache.  This is part 2 in Rodney's 4 part article.  (You can see part 1 here)  Rodney loves to scratchbuild details parts and his AH-64 is no exception.  I remain in awe of Rodney's skill.

Rick Bellanger is here with his big 1/32 Trumpeter F4U-4.  Rick has done some very nice subtle weathering as well as detailing to his Corsair.  And then he finished it off with some cool looking nose art.  Beautifully done Rick.

Everett McEwan is back with another of his 1/72 beauties.  This is Everett's 1/72 Testors/Italeri C-47 finished off as an in-flight model in a bright colourful paint scheme.  Good to see you back Everett.

Thomas Neuss has a impeccably done "Falkland Defenders" diorama.  Thomas's diorama features his  1/72 Phantom FGR2 and Tornado F3 all set to launch.  This is a very nice display of these two famous British fighters.

Lawrence Aphoy of Zed Hobbies has dropped by with his 1/48 Zhengdefu EF-111.  Lawrence did a fair bit of work to this kit to get it looking right.  His article will tell you all about it. 

Artur Pucyk is here with some UH-60 walkaround photos.